Consensus for action against the Brussels NATO summit conference – Brussels july 2018

Today more than ever before, it is time to act against NATO. Indeed, a massive increase in the defence budget in the USA, in China and in numerous European countries, as well as a new nuclear arms race coupled with a significant increase in international political tensions (US, China, Russia,…) indicate that the worst is probably to come. However, it is not too late to act to avoid it.

As usual, decisions taken during this summit conference will happen away from the main people concerned: people from all over the world who will, time after time, be subjected to the war machine called NATO. It is crucial for citizens to take their place and make their voices heard through mass rallying and active resistance until NATO is dissolved.

Our resistance to this summit conference will live up to the threat we face: multiple, creative, constructive, and just as radical. We commit to being the grains of sands that disrupt the war machine, and, with that aim in mind, to acting calmly yet relentlessly.

Our nonviolent direct actions and civil disobedience, whether in Brussels or anywhere else, will reflect the wide diversity of our movement. We clearly oppose any attempts to use our movement to nationalistic, reactionary, or violent ends.

Not only do we fight militarism, we also oppose any oppression, whether social, gender-related or racist. We are aware that we may susceptible to them, and we will do everything we can to avoid reproducing the patterns we are fighting against during our actions and within our organisation.

We commit to respecting this consensus for action and to guaranteeing the security of everyone, and we will avoid putting anyone in danger.

We stand in solidarity with all those who fight against any form of oppression and injustice, in Brussels and anywhere else our actions will take place.